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Short Story “Sexy”

In the short story “Sexy” Laxmi’s indian cousin was left by her husband for a women that he had met on a plane. Her friend Miranda lisened to her conversations on the phone with her cousin telling her that she would be okay. Lexmi’s cousin was suffering and in a state of depression. Laxmi said that more than her cousin she felt sorry for their little boy. The cousin was so depressed she wouldn’t even take the boy to school. Miranda on the other hand met an Indian man herself and thought him to be perfect. When she was buying some cream in a store to get a better look at him, and what he was buying was for his wife, but since she was going to india Miranda says “Somehow without the wife there it didn’t seem so wrong.” So they went back to her place and while his wife was away Dev and Miranda had a wonderful time toghether. He would take her out to the movies and when they had dinner he would kiss her hand over the table. This made Miranda feel like someone thought she was beautiful and she needed the attention. He took her to Art museums and all sorts of places. He called all the time and made her feel special. She had never traveled or seen places in the world so he would show her in a magazine that he brought, and she kept. One day he took her to his favorate place “Mapparium” this place was beautiful and showed the entire world as if you were there. It had glass walls which made sound ecco and a bridge that made you feel as if you were standing in the middle of earth. He told her to walk across the bridge and she would still be able to hear his wisper. He wispered “your Sexy,” and she said it ran through her body. The next day she went out and bought black stockings and a silky silver dress to match her eyes. She said that it was something a mistress should have. She imaged her in the dress and Dev in one of his nice suits at a resterant and him kissing her hand over the table. This never happened because his wife was back from india and he could only come and see Miranda on Sundays. He told his wife that he was out jogging, and Miranda said that gave him an exuse to shower first thing when he got home. The weeks went on that way her waiting for him, and waiting for Sunday’s. When Laxmi talked her cousin in to comming to visit her and she arranged a trip to the spa for them. Miranda agreed to watch Laxmi’s cousins son for a while.  He found her cream and asked what it was for she said puffiness and he told her how his mother would cry untill her eyes bulled out like bullfrogs. He found that dress that she had in the closet with the tag still on it and begged her to put it on. She resisted at first and then did. He came into the room and said “your Sexy.” When she asked what that ment he refused to tell her, but she was persistant and he finally said ” it means loving someone you don’t know,” the words made her numb. He fell asleep soon after and she pictured his mother sad, and thought about her situation and cried a little herself. The next day was Sunday and when Dev called she told him that she was sick, not to come. She asked if he remembered what he had wispered that day in the Mapparium and he said “lets go back to your place,” and laughed. Well the next Sunday it snowed and the Sunday after she made plans. So I guess that she learned and felt the emptyness of a mistress. She had to go on with her life.

I feel that Laxmi was a great cousin for helping her cousin through these rough times when her husband had left her for some women he didn’t know who he had met on a plane. Sometimes things happen, but as for Dev he didn’t tell his wife that he had met a women and that he just wanted it all. He was content with his wife not knowing and being able to keep Miranda waiting there. I feel for Miranda and the fact that she hadn’t experienced many things in her life and Dev gave her alot of that. Although she should have known Dev never lied to her he told her that he had a wife the first time they met and she went along with it anyways. I believe that no one should get themselves in that situation, but most of all that a man should be faithful. I’m not trying to say that there isn’t temtations in life, but whether you fall a victim to those temtations is completely up to you. It took a young boy telling her what things really ment for her to have the courage to end the lovely temptation she had given in to so long ago. As for Laxmi’s cousin I believe that she is very weak and alot of women are when they are use to something they can’t accept the fact that it changed. She of course had a reason to be sad, but to let your child see you that way and not even spare him one bit of the pain is wrong.


Out of the four love poems that we read in class I liked “I’ve been under many ceilings” the best. This is becuase it shows a change in someone over time. The other three were not as meaningful to me personally. There was “Oranges” a poem about childhood love maby the first love, although the ending and how the little boy seemed to be so happy in love was nice.  Another was ” Beneath my hand and eye the distant hills. Your body,” this was a sensual poem about a man deaply in love with a womens body, and although i would like to get this poem and I would love for someone to feel that way about me it is “the typical sexy poem” and I’m not one for gushy stuff. The last poem that we read was “True Love,” this poem was the first one written by a women and it was about how even when she wishes her husband was dead she still loves him, and they basically put up with eachother and there flaws. This poem is very true, but not a good picture of love at all.

In class not very many people chose the poem ” I’ve been under many ceilings,” because to them it was just a man saying that he has been with a lot of women and that he has been under many roofs. To me the poem shows more than that it shows how for most of your life you experience so many different things and even when you are not alone, you are in fact experiencing these things by yourself.  “ceilings of houses not quite home” this line tells you that you may stay some where, but not feel the comfort you do when you call a place home. This poem goes through an entire lifespan from line 3 ” The first a new hospital room ceiling,” he is telling the story of his life, and self-disclosing about the way that it makes him feel. All the people he has tried to find comfort in and not succeeded. “One night stands with floral prints that don’t ease the uneasiness.”  All this is an example of growing up and looking for someone who will ease that pain someone who you want to spend life with. This is a long hard road and many nights you feel lonely staring at a ceiling, maby even with someone beside you, but that someone may not mean anything to you.

Like the first love as discussed in “oranges” you want to be happy. As the Intense feeling in “……Your body.” you want to find your partner irresistable, and like the poem “True Love” No matter what happens you want it to be real. Yet all these things do not matter if the search through life for this person is not fulfilled by their presence, if you cant’ go home and take off your socks and fall in to bed and feel at home with them by your side. The last two stanzas ” Tonight-I slip off my socks, lay in bed and remember, wood, tile, paint, vents, bugs, webs” this stanza represents the hardships and the sadness, and even messiness of life as he had known it. Yet the last stanza ” I have slept under many ceilings today I have decided I want to see the rest with you by my side.”  This  shows the change in a person who has finally decided that this is the one this is who he can share his life with the before and the after. He has finally found a place where he can call home and no matter what ceiling that is under he doesn’t have to be alone anymore. I feel the same way.

Langston Hughes was a very motivational African-American writer from the Harlem renaissance, and many of his writing were targeted specifically at the lifestyles of blacks before the civil rights movements. This depicts many of the struggles of the suppressed society of those times. In his poem ” A Negro Speaks of Rivers” I think that he is trying to say that even though they were struggling they have looked deep into the rivers of life. They have traveled and seen many things in their lives. Line 6 ” I looked upon the nile and built my pyrimids above it.” Just becuase people thought in those days that the “negro” was not enlightened the way that we were, in this line and in many of his poems he begs to differ. Also in lines 10-11 he says “I’ve known rivers- Ancient, dusty rivers.” I believe that he speaks of life and the problems faced in his life. It may be dusty, but he still knows it the same as all the other rivers. Which makes his soul deep like the rivers. To know things and learn them was often times a challenge and to bring that out in ones writings opened many eyes.

Another poem by langston hughes that I find symbolic for the life that he lived is ” A Theme for English B,” this poem does not use metaphors, it just flat out tells you the way that many of the people who felt regected by society at the time were feeling and he doesn’t try to hide it or sugar coat it at all. The instructor says to “…let a page come out of you and it will be true.” When he says in lines 25-26 ” I guess being colored doesn’t make me not like other folks like that are other races” In saying that he is simply saying that nomatter how much you judge someone on their color it doen’t make them any different from you. I have grown up in a modern society who finds everyone equal, but to be back then and made to feel that you have to express the fact that you are a human like everyone else amazes me. I feel like that should have never been an issue people are all just that people and race, religion nor background makes anyone less of a human than anyone else, and I believe thats what he was trying to say.

The diffrence between William carlos Willaims and Langston Hughes are many. The obvious being that one of them was fighting for there freedom, and the other was writing poetry. The others are that you have to analyze willaims work more than you do hughes. Willaims poems are more brief works that are short and not very easily understood (open to any interpretation). Hughes poems take on a very lyrical  and descriptive tone, He spells things out for you so that you don’t take things in a diffrent way than they are ment. Hughes brings the points that he wants understood out in plain sight.

The Fall of Icarus

Willaim carlos Willaims wrote a poem on this painting “Landscape with the fall of Icarus” The last stanza is the only time he even mentions icarus at all. ” a spash quite unnoticed, this was, icarus drowning.” Just as the rest of the poem speaks about how life is going on around him ” A farmer was plowing his field”  The poet is trying to say that nomatter what is happening around people that they go on concerned with there own lives and do not pay much attention to the catastraphy’s that may be happening around them. he also says ” the edge of the sea concerned with itself.” To me that represents the people that are only concerned with what is going on in there life and they are too blind and too selfish to look around them and see what they can be doing to help other people. I fully agree with what the artist is implying in this poem, and I believe that if people would just look out for eachother a little more, not saying that you should neglect any part of your life, just look up every ounce in a while and notice the world around you.
It may just save someones life!

These two artists are as diffrent as night and day. The styles in which they right could be described best as a contrast to one another. Iwould say that Whitman is the day time and Dickonsin is the night. Held toghether only by there interests in writing. 

These poets in contrast to one another, both had great works that told stories of peices of there life.

Whitman can be best described as expansive or talkative. His works are very elongated, descriptive and extensive. It is not only his poems that are long each line and word within the poem seems to be drawing a picture. In his poem “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry”  When he writes he is not only painting a picture for the reader, but expanding on what he wants the reader to see and feel. “The sea gulls oscillating their bodies, the hay-boat in the twilight, and the belated lighter?”  he is making the simple things seem so in depth and beautiful. Another line that brings you there “Recieve the summer sky, you water, and faithfully hold it till all downcast eyes have faith to take it from you.”  Yet describing him in just one way would not show all the ways in which people make him happy, so I would also describe whitman as gregarious, meaning he loved to be around people and was very outgoing. He shows this more than anything in his poetry there are so many lines that show the feelings of whitman around people (not to mention the love for himself). “Gorgeous clouds of sunset! drench with your splender me, or the men and women generations after me.” another line from his poem “Song of Myself” tells how much he finds fascination in himself (not that the title doesn’t do it for you) “My respiration and inspiration, the beating of my heart, the passing of blood and air through my lungs.” Simply painting a picture of himself and loving every minute of it. So all summed up he is a lover of all things beautiful.

Dickonson on the other hand differs greatly from this man. She is best described as concise, and compact. She gets so much more out in so few words. Although she does not paint such a picture for you, she allows you to paint the picture for yourself. She pacts her words with alot of meaning poem 435  ” Much Madness is divinest sense-to a discerning eye-Much sense-the starkest madness-Tis’ the majority” There are so many things one could get from much of her poetry. This was over half of the poem and personally it is just as full of meaning as if she would have wrote a whole page. The sight of such madness is seen and understood and we reolize that we are all a little mad. The depth of how she speaks (although a bit dark) is so true. She was very private and it seems that she did not like people around. She could also be described as idiosyncratic a little diffrent in her style and a bit odd. “I heard a fly buzz when I died.” Well really who would have thought of some thing like that. Her poems were numbered not named and not ment to be published (this I assumed). She does though have a dark and lonely theme in most of her poetry and a mind that seems to wonder down such a dark road. “when it comes the landscape listens-shadows hold their breath-when it goes tis’ like the distance-on the look of death.” Shadows holding their breath yet do they live? She is one women that it takes time to understand.
Poetry allowed her to express things in ways that otherwise would have never been done.

Theme Exam essays


During the 19th century there was huge boom in industry, great expansion and growth, and the need for machinery.  Rural farm areas were becoming less populated and people were moving to cities. Labor in factories was becoming more prevalent. Two pieces of literature that show peoples reaction to the pain of those changes are “Out,Out” and “Hawl”. These poems both attacking the way life had changed.

The poem “Out,Out” is about a young boy who gets his hand cut off by a buzz saw. In those times child labor was normal, and the boy in the poem represents letting children work under such conditions. The feel that a child must feel is brought out in line 26 “Don’t let him cut off my hand- the doctor when he comes.” Its almost like children were having to grow up too fast, and had no choice in the matter. Lines 22-23 ” Since he was old enough to know, big boy doing a mans work” They put children in factories even before puberty if they were “old enough to work” then they could. This poem fully embrases the fears of child labor.

In those days when so much was changing people thought in a very negative way about the cities, businesses, and industries. In the poem “Molach” it brings these negative feeling to life. Molach was a cananite fire god that parents would sacrafice their kids to. In the poem they are comparing the city to molach. Line 83 when they talk about demonic industries, its like they were implying that the new industries were of the devil, and the working conditions were killing people. It also implys that people had lost or sold their soul to the city. Lin 82 “Molach who’s love is endless oil, and stone…soul is electricity and banks.” All the people were concerned with was inventions and money. they were no longer humane, but greedy. All generations were effected, and people cared only for what they could earn no longer had morals and values.

The times were changing dramatically, people no longer knew what to believe in so they went against all that was new and somewhat unknown. Although growth was necassary in those times, people were afraid and conditions were bad. therefore they were against this new way of life and wrote to spite it.



It is not as easy as people think to depict what one should call literature. Post-Modernist have a hard job on their hands. Deciding what should and should not go into a literature class or Antholigized book of literature. Who decides what is good or beautiful American Literature? What is Important? What should people read or be required to read in a literature class?

The poem “Wishes for sons” Depicts all the things women go through that men do not have to. In this poem she wishes all the things upon men that women have to go through yet men are unaware. In those times people would have thought that this poem is gritty, vulgar, and just nasty. Lines 8,9,and 10 ” later I wish them hot flashes and clots like you wouldn’t beleive.” In class we discussed that one persons trash is another persons treasure. As a Women I understand to wish these things upon men, and putting it in an anthology will require that men read it. Lines 5, and 6 ” I wish them one week early and wearing a white skirt.” Men do not reolize the little things that women have to worry about. To some this poem is wierd and nasty, but to some they know what she is talking about.

A short story that we read was “Do not go Gentle” About a women and a man who are in the hospital with there sick baby. This was one of the most controversial stories to talk about becuase in many ways it challanged the normal way people consider literature. Even in the very first line it suprises the reader that anyone would write in this way. ” My wife and I didn’t know Mr. Grief untill our baby boy got his face stuck between his matress and suffocated himself blue.” This story is very bold to say the least, even later in the story he talks about finding hope in “Chocolate Thunder” a huge dildo? He presents it to his wife who waves it over the babies head. When you are stricken with grief you can seem to find hope in almost anything. I think one has to consider the circumstances present before judging. Anything that puts you out of that comfort zone, that what you knew as good literature is easily regected, but when concidering this it makes you think a little more out of your box.

Are these work to be accepted, and concidered Great American Literature? Should they be included? Well I suppose someone thought they should. Personally in class I beleive we had good discussion on them. It forever changed the way I thought about literature, and how I react to things “Weird” and “Contoversial.”