These two artists are as diffrent as night and day. The styles in which they right could be described best as a contrast to one another. Iwould say that Whitman is the day time and Dickonsin is the night. Held toghether only by there interests in writing. 

These poets in contrast to one another, both had great works that told stories of peices of there life.

Whitman can be best described as expansive or talkative. His works are very elongated, descriptive and extensive. It is not only his poems that are long each line and word within the poem seems to be drawing a picture. In his poem “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry”  When he writes he is not only painting a picture for the reader, but expanding on what he wants the reader to see and feel. “The sea gulls oscillating their bodies, the hay-boat in the twilight, and the belated lighter?”  he is making the simple things seem so in depth and beautiful. Another line that brings you there “Recieve the summer sky, you water, and faithfully hold it till all downcast eyes have faith to take it from you.”  Yet describing him in just one way would not show all the ways in which people make him happy, so I would also describe whitman as gregarious, meaning he loved to be around people and was very outgoing. He shows this more than anything in his poetry there are so many lines that show the feelings of whitman around people (not to mention the love for himself). “Gorgeous clouds of sunset! drench with your splender me, or the men and women generations after me.” another line from his poem “Song of Myself” tells how much he finds fascination in himself (not that the title doesn’t do it for you) “My respiration and inspiration, the beating of my heart, the passing of blood and air through my lungs.” Simply painting a picture of himself and loving every minute of it. So all summed up he is a lover of all things beautiful.

Dickonson on the other hand differs greatly from this man. She is best described as concise, and compact. She gets so much more out in so few words. Although she does not paint such a picture for you, she allows you to paint the picture for yourself. She pacts her words with alot of meaning poem 435  ” Much Madness is divinest sense-to a discerning eye-Much sense-the starkest madness-Tis’ the majority” There are so many things one could get from much of her poetry. This was over half of the poem and personally it is just as full of meaning as if she would have wrote a whole page. The sight of such madness is seen and understood and we reolize that we are all a little mad. The depth of how she speaks (although a bit dark) is so true. She was very private and it seems that she did not like people around. She could also be described as idiosyncratic a little diffrent in her style and a bit odd. “I heard a fly buzz when I died.” Well really who would have thought of some thing like that. Her poems were numbered not named and not ment to be published (this I assumed). She does though have a dark and lonely theme in most of her poetry and a mind that seems to wonder down such a dark road. “when it comes the landscape listens-shadows hold their breath-when it goes tis’ like the distance-on the look of death.” Shadows holding their breath yet do they live? She is one women that it takes time to understand.
Poetry allowed her to express things in ways that otherwise would have never been done.