Willaim carlos Willaims wrote a poem on this painting “Landscape with the fall of Icarus” The last stanza is the only time he even mentions icarus at all. ” a spash quite unnoticed, this was, icarus drowning.” Just as the rest of the poem speaks about how life is going on around him ” A farmer was plowing his field”¬† The poet is trying to say that nomatter what is happening around people that they go on concerned with there own lives and do not pay much attention to the catastraphy’s that may be happening around them. he also says ” the edge of the sea concerned with itself.” To me that represents the people that are only concerned with what is going on in there life and they are too blind and too selfish to look around them and see what they can be doing to help other people. I fully agree with what the artist is implying in this poem, and I believe that if people would just look out for eachother a little more, not saying that you should neglect any part of your life, just look up every ounce in a while and notice the world around you.
It may just save someones life!