Langston Hughes was a very motivational African-American writer from the Harlem renaissance, and many of his writing were targeted specifically at the lifestyles of blacks before the civil rights movements. This depicts many of the struggles of the suppressed society of those times. In his poem ” A Negro Speaks of Rivers” I think that he is trying to say that even though they were struggling they have looked deep into the rivers of life. They have traveled and seen many things in their lives. Line 6 ” I looked upon the nile and built my pyrimids above it.” Just becuase people thought in those days that the “negro” was not enlightened the way that we were, in this line and in many of his poems he begs to differ. Also in lines 10-11 he says “I’ve known rivers- Ancient, dusty rivers.” I believe that he speaks of life and the problems faced in his life. It may be dusty, but he still knows it the same as all the other rivers. Which makes his soul deep like the rivers. To know things and learn them was often times a challenge and to bring that out in ones writings opened many eyes.

Another poem by langston hughes that I find symbolic for the life that he lived is ” A Theme for English B,” this poem does not use metaphors, it just flat out tells you the way that many of the people who felt regected by society at the time were feeling and he doesn’t try to hide it or sugar coat it at all. The instructor says to “…let a page come out of you and it will be true.” When he says in lines 25-26 ” I guess being colored doesn’t make me not like other folks like that are other races” In saying that he is simply saying that nomatter how much you judge someone on their color it doen’t make them any different from you. I have grown up in a modern society who finds everyone equal, but to be back then and made to feel that you have to express the fact that you are a human like everyone else amazes me. I feel like that should have never been an issue people are all just that people and race, religion nor background makes anyone less of a human than anyone else, and I believe thats what he was trying to say.

The diffrence between William carlos Willaims and Langston Hughes are many. The obvious being that one of them was fighting for there freedom, and the other was writing poetry. The others are that you have to analyze willaims work more than you do hughes. Willaims poems are more brief works that are short and not very easily understood (open to any interpretation). Hughes poems take on a very lyrical  and descriptive tone, He spells things out for you so that you don’t take things in a diffrent way than they are ment. Hughes brings the points that he wants understood out in plain sight.