In the short story “Sexy” Laxmi’s indian cousin was left by her husband for a women that he had met on a plane. Her friend Miranda lisened to her conversations on the phone with her cousin telling her that she would be okay. Lexmi’s cousin was suffering and in a state of depression. Laxmi said that more than her cousin she felt sorry for their little boy. The cousin was so depressed she wouldn’t even take the boy to school. Miranda on the other hand met an Indian man herself and thought him to be perfect. When she was buying some cream in a store to get a better look at him, and what he was buying was for his wife, but since she was going to india Miranda says “Somehow without the wife there it didn’t seem so wrong.” So they went back to her place and while his wife was away Dev and Miranda had a wonderful time toghether. He would take her out to the movies and when they had dinner he would kiss her hand over the table. This made Miranda feel like someone thought she was beautiful and she needed the attention. He took her to Art museums and all sorts of places. He called all the time and made her feel special. She had never traveled or seen places in the world so he would show her in a magazine that he brought, and she kept. One day he took her to his favorate place “Mapparium” this place was beautiful and showed the entire world as if you were there. It had glass walls which made sound ecco and a bridge that made you feel as if you were standing in the middle of earth. He told her to walk across the bridge and she would still be able to hear his wisper. He wispered “your Sexy,” and she said it ran through her body. The next day she went out and bought black stockings and a silky silver dress to match her eyes. She said that it was something a mistress should have. She imaged her in the dress and Dev in one of his nice suits at a resterant and him kissing her hand over the table. This never happened because his wife was back from india and he could only come and see Miranda on Sundays. He told his wife that he was out jogging, and Miranda said that gave him an exuse to shower first thing when he got home. The weeks went on that way her waiting for him, and waiting for Sunday’s. When Laxmi talked her cousin in to comming to visit her and she arranged a trip to the spa for them. Miranda agreed to watch Laxmi’s cousins son for a while.  He found her cream and asked what it was for she said puffiness and he told her how his mother would cry untill her eyes bulled out like bullfrogs. He found that dress that she had in the closet with the tag still on it and begged her to put it on. She resisted at first and then did. He came into the room and said “your Sexy.” When she asked what that ment he refused to tell her, but she was persistant and he finally said ” it means loving someone you don’t know,” the words made her numb. He fell asleep soon after and she pictured his mother sad, and thought about her situation and cried a little herself. The next day was Sunday and when Dev called she told him that she was sick, not to come. She asked if he remembered what he had wispered that day in the Mapparium and he said “lets go back to your place,” and laughed. Well the next Sunday it snowed and the Sunday after she made plans. So I guess that she learned and felt the emptyness of a mistress. She had to go on with her life.

I feel that Laxmi was a great cousin for helping her cousin through these rough times when her husband had left her for some women he didn’t know who he had met on a plane. Sometimes things happen, but as for Dev he didn’t tell his wife that he had met a women and that he just wanted it all. He was content with his wife not knowing and being able to keep Miranda waiting there. I feel for Miranda and the fact that she hadn’t experienced many things in her life and Dev gave her alot of that. Although she should have known Dev never lied to her he told her that he had a wife the first time they met and she went along with it anyways. I believe that no one should get themselves in that situation, but most of all that a man should be faithful. I’m not trying to say that there isn’t temtations in life, but whether you fall a victim to those temtations is completely up to you. It took a young boy telling her what things really ment for her to have the courage to end the lovely temptation she had given in to so long ago. As for Laxmi’s cousin I believe that she is very weak and alot of women are when they are use to something they can’t accept the fact that it changed. She of course had a reason to be sad, but to let your child see you that way and not even spare him one bit of the pain is wrong.